This is a chronicle our everyday life as we live, laugh and love raising our teenager, our toddler and our special needs baby. Normal isn't always what it seems...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My sweet middle man...Aidan

     Seven years ago today, at about 2:32 in the morning to be exact, my life was forever changed as I instantly become the mom of a boy! I knew what it was to be a mom, but being a mom of boy is a whole new world. I knew that I would do my very best to teach you all of the important things that a mom should teach a son. You know, the every day life things that matter so much like bathing every day, brushing your teeth, picking up your clothes and toys, reading and studying hard and having good manners.  As I layed on the couch or sometimes in bed in the hospital waiting for your arrival,  I thought for months about all of the things I would do and say and teach you to do.
     What I didnt realize during all of those months of thinking and trying to imagine what and who you would look like, is how much you would change me! I've learned so much from you. You have taught me that sometimes, its more important to get dirty and have fun than take a bath. That picking up clothes and toys is over rated and can wait until later. Reading and studying hard seems even more important to me now than it ever did before because I see your eagerness to learn and appreciation for things you dont know.  You've taught me that as much as you love to learn, you love to play and playing hard is equally as important. You've taught me to be so much more patient than I ever was before as you have insisted so many times on doing things by yourself even when it took you longer than it took me, you were too short and not strong enough for the task at hand. But those things dont stop you...No, you just "take the bull by the horns" and get it done one step at a time. You've taught me to push harder, be stronger and remain fearless through it all.
     You've amazed me as you have accomplished so many things so quickly. You've spent hours on our swing set learning how to flip over, under and through the rings. You learned to ride your bike without training wheels in about one hour. You have easily and perfectly passed each test and advanced through five Karate levels in the last year and earned your blue belt.  Amazingly, you became an incredible reader in Kindergarten! You've learned how to swim like a fish and can play video games like a pro and have been completely fearless as you started your newest adventure in gymanstics!
     You have learned and accomplished more in the last seven years than I ever wouldve imagined when I first looked at your adorable little face. I watched you fly through all of your developmental milestones with ease and become a very strong independant little boy. It seems like yesterday, you were my toddler learning to go potty and speak correctly and now you are teaching your baby brother to do these things.
     I have taught you many lessons in personal hygiene. Ive taught you how to share and say I'm sorry. I've taught you that not every body thinks that bodily functions are funny and sometimes you need to have better manners. I've taught you that it's better to pick up your clothes and toys before you go to bed than it is to wake up to a mess. I've taught you that some things aren't as easy for others as they are for you and watched you become very tender hearted and sensitive.  Yes, I've taught you a lot of things in the last seven years but I can't wait to see what you will teach me in the next seven! 
    Happy Birthday sweet boy! I am anxious to see what this next year holds for you. Love Always, Mommy.