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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back in time...

Ive thought a lot about what to say and how or even where I should start this.  Ive truly wanted to do this for more than a year but life somehow has a way of taking over.  The latest developements with Lydon has left me in a place where I need "an out" and truly need a way to communicate the newest information with all of the wonderful people in our life who love us and want to know.  Although I wish that I could tell each one of you the latest either in person or on the phone it simply isnt possible.  I would truly love to be able to go back and share everything from the very beginning of our marriage because it has truly been a great life but time is still not my best friend.  So, Ive decided that I will start with Lydons pregnancy. Not that any of the rest of our life was uneventful or unimportant but life as we knew it was good.  We had a beautiful home and "the perfect" all American family.  A beautiful smart little girl who was growing up way too fast and the wildest funniest most adorable little boy in the world. Jono was progressing and making great strides in his career and I had everything in place to return to school and finish my degree.  I had even looked into some post graduate degree options.  Life was flowing smoothly.  Then, it seemed that the tide changed.  In Sept. 2008, my father in law unexpectedly had open heart surgery.  Hurrican Ike hit and our beautiful home was suddenly a mess.  Two weeks later, we found out I was pregnant with Ly.  UH-OH!! 
We were excited but a little suprised.  We had talked about having another baby for Aidans sake.  We felt like there was such an age gap between him and Hollie that he needed somebody else to grow up with but we also realized the added responsibilites of a third child so neither of us had completely committed to the idea.  Needless to say, in those short thirty days of September, we went from calm cool and collected to feeling completely overwhelmed.  Oh how clueless we were!  By Christmas things had calmed down and we were starting  to breathe a little easier. My pregnancy was pretty good although I had already started contracting.  This wasnt out of the ordinary for me but it was extremely early in the pregnancy and we knew it was just the beginning of the changes that had to be made in our life.  The biggest of which was that I was no longer able to work.

Mommy and Santa..about 4 months pregnant.
So, we did what we had to do to accomadate the lack of my income and got ready for our new baby boy!  We were so happy for Aidan when we found out that he would have a brother so close to his age.  Hollie wasnt as thrilled with the idea of another boy. She was hoping for a little sister.  We rocked along through several complications and hospitalizations and finally delivered after 33 weeks of what seemed like a very long pregnancy.....

We were blessed with our most precious tiny little bundle of sheer perfection on April 21, 2009. 

Lydon Jefferson Paxton
He was tiny...5 lbs 11 ozs and only 18 inches long but he was perfect! And everybody including Sissy was in love!   
I think this is a good stopping point.  Lydon entering this world enriched all of our lives and redefined "the perfect family" for us.  As we all know, nothing in this world is truly perfect but we wouldnt change a single thing.  I will try as quickly as I can to get things up to date and current so that I can make more frequent posts with updates. 
Thank you to everyone who has loved supported and prayed for us from the very beginning of Lydons pregnancy.  There is truly no way we would have gotten through it all and where we are today without you.

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