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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Echo and Renal scans

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be having renal scans,xrays and the echo of Lydons heart done. Please say a prayer that we can get this done without sedation. I know it will be hard on Ly but being sedated is even harder for him. I will post an update asap. Also, please pray that we can get his sleep study done this week as well. We had to cancel it twice last week due to all of us being sick. And most importantly please pray for two of our mito friends. The Agnew family and Cooper Knights family. Both of these sweethearts are in the very last stages of mito and aren't expected to live more than another day or two. I can't imagine the pain that these families are facing. They need strength and uplifting. Thanks for the love and prayers being said for all of us.

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