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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Say a little prayer

for my "wittle" man Aidan. He is a sick little boy right now. He came home with high fever on Tuesday and we fought with it through the night. Jono took him to the pediatrician yesterday. He has pink eye in both eyes, double ear infections and a sinus infection. We are still fighting the fever despite already having antibiotics on board. He is miserable. :( His eyes are burning, his throat is raw and his legs are aching. We are doing our dead level best to keep him isolated from Lydon by staying in our bedroom in the back of the house (which he hates loves by the way) but it is still difficult. Our fear is that Aidan was obviously sick and contagious for several days before we knew it and Lydon could have possibly already been exposed to whatever bugs he has. Our hope is that all of the IV antibiotics that Lydon received last week in the hospital will continue to cover and protect him and will hopefully prevent him from coming down with any of this. Aidan also has a really hard time with medicine. He has a very sensitive tummy so the combination of fever, fever meds, antibiotics and a very sore throat is not a good combination. So, say a prayer that the antibiotics kick in and help Aidan feel better soon and that Lydon will stay well and out of the hospital!!

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