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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


During the last several days, if there were an item that would describe me, I believe it would be one of those little out of control bouncy balls that kids love and adults hate. Often times, it seems that life throws us around from side to side but sometimes that may be what makes the course interesting and allows us to appreciate the straight and narrow. I’ve become accustomed to that very well over the course of the last year. But following the events of the last week, I’ve felt like I was not going along the straight and narrow or side to side but more up and down. This should give you some idea.
Sunday- Take care of breakfast, meds, changing and dressing so I can hurry up and get a little more work done before I go to work the next morning. Work as fast as I can to make up for all of the work I haven’t gotten done so far. –Guilt: Guilt for not being at church, Guilt for not getting all of the work done yet, Guilt for not being with my kids while are happy and playing. LOW
Get some work done. Eat lunch with the kids. Run a couple of errands. –Relief: Relief for getting some things accomplished. HIGH
Found out that my cousins baby is very very sick and has been rushed to TCH in serious condition. -Sorrow and Concern. LOW
Receive a call from my sitter for Monday that he is unable to work. –Stress- that I wont be able to go in to my office. HIGH
Getting everybody bathed, fed and in bed for the night. My stupid jacked up arm that is suppose to be fixed is aching horribly.- Pain-LOW
Wake up Monday morning and my husband is terribly sick again! -Stress and worried of what any kind of illness in our house could mean at this point. HIGH
Still can’t get any work done because my kids are crazy, I do not have nursing help and Jonathan is sick. – Frustrated- LOW
Lydon climbs out of his crib before and after nap!! –Anxiety with what this could possibly lead to. I cant handle that tube being pulled out again. HIGH
The afternoon is better but I still didn’t get as much work done as I wished. My arm is still really hurting. I’ve cleaned mess after mess from the boys. I’m exhausted and don’t know how I’m going to get up and go to work tomorrow. –Overwhelmed!- LOW
Finally get the day wrapped up and the boys in bed but not before realizing that Lydon has a 101 temperature. –Panic: Panic of what the fever is from if anything…who knows?!- HIGH
Get up at five to get ready but worried about Lydon, my arm is hurting. Decide to stay home a couple more hours and go in a little later- Stress and worry-LOW
Get a text that my mom’s household has a stomach bug! Sympathy and worry of what that could mean for her and thankful we haven’t been with them in several days so we should be safe from the puking bug! HIGH
Finally get to work but feel overwhelmed with responsibility and worry for my boy. Wish I were home with him to keep a closer watchful eye. LOW
A co-worker stops and asks me about how things are at home. HIGH,LOW,HIGH, LOW!!
She send me a sweet encouraging email. HIGH
I work hard and get several things done but leave later than I planned. Traffic is horrible! LOW
I stop and pick up dinner and get home and hear about the kids day. They are both happy. HIGH

I clean up all of the mess. Give Lydon meds and put up a crib tent to solve the climbing out monkey business. Relieved that he and his tube are safe and sound and contained in the bed. Sad that he has a tube and can’t graduate to a toddler bed. Glad that all of this done at 9:00. Bummed that I missed the show I wanted to watch. Happy that I get a few minutes on the couch with Jono and Hollie. Irritated that my arm is still hurting so much. HIGH, LOW, HIGH, LOW, HIGH, LOW!!!!
If you are still reading this, would somebody please catch me and place me gently on a smooth surface so that I can roll along! ;0)

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