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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Surgery... Aidan and Hollie

     Well, we are still in the hospital and I am very tired so there may be a bit of rambling in this post so please forgive it if so.  I am taking a break and allowing myself to get out of the room for a bit while Lydon sleeps. I really dont know where to start on this post.  I  have so many things Id like to rant about but focusing on the negative usually doesnt get you very far so I'll try and shy away from it.       Let me just say that I do sincerely appreciate the people who call, text or email me frequently to check on me and Lydon. Please do not take it personal if I do not respond right away, just know that I love you and appreciate the concern. It hurts me sometimes (especially when Lydon has been so sick this time) that I personally rarely hear from some of our very close family and friends.  I did say that I would try and shy away from the negative and trust me, this admission has brought a lot of it.   More on that later...
     Now on to other things and where we are currently.  When we came into the hospital on Thursday, orders were not automatically written to admit us post op.  We had hoped and prayed that Lydon would do good tolerating the anesthesia and intubation and we would be able to go home later that night.  That of course did not happen.  Lydons airway started swelling before they ever got him intubated.  After surgery and the extubation he became acidotic and struggled to breathe.  They started blasting him with steroids, breathing treatments and fluids to reduce the swelling and balance him out.  We have continued that process and although the swelling ( also called stridor) is much improved it is still present.  So, the most agreed upon theory at this moment is that Lydon has lower airway swelling that is somewhat anatomical and somewhat caused from scar tissue that has built up from all of the recent surgeries and intubations.  We cant allow him to stay this way for reasons passing understanding. So, the plan is to go back in to the OR tomorrow morning at 7:30 and take a look.  I am told that the physician who is doing this is an expert in the field of pediatric airway conditions.  They will look and evaluate Lydons entire upper and lower airway and decide how narrowed it really is. Depending on what they find, they will try and dilate that area.  Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this revisiting of the OR in the least but hopefully it will give us some answers and prevent Lydon from getting in such a serious respiratory state in the future.  Please continue to pray for him.
     In the midst of all of the chaos we have experienced this week with Lydon, my heart has been pulled for my sweet Aidan. He is such a handfull to say the least, but this week he got very sick. He has pnuemonia and all the while has run around like he was just fine.  What a difference in my two boys!  Nevertheless, it really makes me miss him when hes sick and needing some extra TLC.  Regardless, Daddy did a great job.  He stayed home with him yesterday, took him to the doctor, picked up and gave all of his meds, and took him to stay with  Paw Paw and grandmother this morning.  Thank God for Paw-paw and Daddy!
     Hollie had her first meeting about high school classes/schedules last night which we missed.  However, she wasnt the least bit concerned about us missing it. She told me "Ive got it covered and its totally stupid to even go to!'  ;)  Funny...I use to wouldve argued with her about the importance of going to things like this but instead I just breathed a sigh of relief and said "Ok then, maybe we'll make the next one." 
     Well, I've been out the room for about an hour and half so I better get back. He is probably awake.  Please say a prayer for us tonight and in the morning and also remember my sweet Mother.  She is also sick with pneumonia and has still been up here to help me some and not a missed a day of work to rest and take care of herself.  I love her so much!
     Also, please excuse the format of the previous post.  It would only allow me type on the title box from my phone and I wanted to update what I could so I will try and fix that later.  Thank goodness for a few  available computers around the hospital as I left my at home this time.  ;)

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