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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas

and since we seem to have plenty of responsibilities, drama and deadlines to adhere to, we decided to take a break from it all and try to steal a moment to "smell the roses" and see the lights. I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office several weeks ago (imagine that!) and saw that the Hill Country area does a lot to decorate and celebrate the Christmas season. I knew that it would take a

lot of planning and effort to take such a road trip but I wanted desperately to be away from all of the hussle and bussle of our everyday life even if it was just two days. So we quickly planned and made the arrangements necessary to make it happen. Jono and I took off on Friday. We got up early that morning and headed out. It wasnt the easiest trip for sure but it was such a nice get-a-way. The kids had a blast! A lot of it was hard on Lydon but he loved every minute of us being together...after all that was the purpose. Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

PRICELESS!!! Worth all the planning, packing, praying and paying from start to finish. ;))

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  1. Would you be willing to email me?
    My daughter has 16p deletion and we've had a muscle biopsy recommended. I'd love to talk to you!