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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A brief update

Last week, Lydon's tummy decided to act up. I should've known better because it had already been almost 90 days since our last admission...he's still sort of rocking along in trimesters. Somebody please send him the memo his 3rd birthday is in April!! Any way, he would act good during day, eating drinking and taking his formula like normal but every night after the first couple of hours on his feeding pump, he would wake up vomiting. So after the third night, we ended up in the ER. We were concerned that his tube was out of place again or he could possibly have an obstruction. We got there and they brought us right back and started the work up. They did all of his labs and an x ray of his belly. We were there for almost six hours before they finally gave us the all clear and let us go up for the EEG we had scheduled. Getting all 21 leads glued to his head was worse than sitting in the ER for six hours if you can imagine that! But finally, we got it done. He relaxed but still didnt want to eat anything besides a bite of cracker here and there. He was so exhuasted from all of the fighting that he slept pretty good that night. What a blessing that was!! I was exhausted! He didnt eat more than a few morsels of a cheese cracker all day Saturday and Sunday but he was doing a lot better. Today, he had a great day! He ate a tone of food. I was happpy that he ate and got to play with Mandy (one of his nurses)today. He was happy too!I had only been home for about 45 minutes when as I was heating up food for Holli and Aidan when he gagged and covered my kitchen floor with vomit. So, here we go again...who knows?! Tomorrow we have an appt with a special cardiologst. Wish us luck! ~Jana~

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