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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two little boys and an ER run.

Lydon started feeling bad on Sunday. He seemed to just be a little "under the weather". I wasn't too worried and enjoyed cuddling with him in the recliner several times throughout the day. I guess big brother was jealous because he came home Monday from school and pulled his own stunt! He was outside playing with all of the neighborhood kids. They had pulled out the entire transportation fleet from our garage. Aidan decided to play fireman. So he drove our "firetruck" aka a little tykes cozy coupe car and his little girlfriend from down the street was his "engine." So she was pushing him as he was "driving" down the sidewalk. All was well until the front wheel caught some uneven concrete and out went the fireman onto the concrete, flat on his face! I got ice packs and gave lots of mommy sugar (all the while still cooking dinner and coddling Lydon) but I quickly realized that wasn't working out too well when he suddenly got very very sleepy, barely responsive and vomitted all over the floor! Can you say SCARE-REEEEE?? So, off to the ER we went!! Lots of prayers went up and by the time they started talking about IV's and CT scans, he woke up and started talking to us. We laughed at the coincidence but we had seen him be so sick and lifeless up until that point that we were grateful for the improvement. His CT looked ok and by that point I had talked to my mom who informed me that Lydon was miserable. So we got the discharge papers and they told us they'd save a bed for us if we needed to bring Ly in. Luckily we made it through what was left of the rest of the night. The bad part was that I couldn't get an appointment for him to be seen anywhere Tuesday and I was pretty concerned since he had been sick since Sunday. Coughing a yucky cough, mixed with a little stridor. Lots of mucus and a runny nose. He's been very gaggy and has complained of an ear ache. So far, we have held our breath own here at home. Hopefully we can stay home and he can manage this on his own but that's the problem with this disease. When he is sick and fighting something even this "simple", his body is pulling energy from another organ system that needs it just as much. We can see that be evident with his decreased energy and increased tummy drainage. If we do ok through the night, we will go into the sick clinic and hopefully not the ER tomorrow. For now, we cross our fingers and say our prayers!

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