This is a chronicle our everyday life as we live, laugh and love raising our teenager, our toddler and our special needs baby. Normal isn't always what it seems...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Most Recent Update-(with pictures)

Over the past two months, Lydon and our family have been through a very challenging and life changing experience. As many of you know, Lydon endured multiple challenges and hospitalizations, which I have tried to chronicle in detail on this blog. However, the well known saying is that "sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words." So, I would like to share with you this time in our life through our family's eyes.


  1. Jana & Jono - what a beautiful family you have. Your story and struggles are both heart wrenching and inspiring. Jana, what a wonderful mother you are... my, how lucky your children are to have you.

  2. Jana, my name is Kate Estes and I heard about your blog from your sister in law Miranda from Etsy. I have a five year old with end-stage mito. I blog about him at Noah has a very strong desire to help other children with mito and we started a non-profit corporation to honor his wishes. You can read about it at We are having a board meeting on Tuesday and we'll be discussing adding new children. Your sweet little boy is TOTALLY qualified and we would love to help him. You can refer him through the contact tab on the Noah's Hands of Hope site - please take a look at what we do and consider referring him. We would love to help out! You can also send me a friend request on FB at

    Blessings to you and your lovely family.