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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A quick update

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. We have been busy, busy, busy! Most importantly, Lydon turned three!!! I will do my best to post a "birthday blog" with some pictures soon. Medically, Lydon is doing great! We weaned off of the TPN totally. Slowly but surely we have gotten his tube feedings to a rate that he is tolerating very well and the docs are happy. He has been able to eat and hold down more in the last several days. We had a GI follow up and his weight was UP several ounces. When our cath nurse came to change the dressing on Ly's PICC line last week, his skin was very red, warm and broken in several places. It also looked a little puffy at the insertion site. Luckily, he wasnt running any fever but after seeing his arm like that, we didnt have a good feeling about it at all. Another line infection is the last thing in the world we need to deal with considering how good things have been going the last couple of weeks. Early the next morning, I placed a call and spoke to our surgeon. She agreed with what we were feeling so the cath nurse came out later that afternoon and pulled it. So...we are line free! YAY!!! That being said, we are going to live it up and enjoy the bathtub and swimming pool to its fullest hopefully for a VERY long time. Thanks again to everyone who has prayed or placed Lydons name on a prayer list. We feel very very blessed and lucky to be where we are at this moment. A little over a month ago, the thought of being off of TPN, line free, tolerating tube feeds AND snacking on Goldfish, cookies, and apple juice seemed almost impossible yet here we are. God is so good. We are breathing a lot easier these days and feeling a lot more joy, happiness and optimism.

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