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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great news

This post will be short and require very few words but oh how sweet it is!! We are happy to report....Lydon is doing GRRRRREAT!! About a month ago, Lydons cardiologist started him on a new heart med to try and help level out or better control his dysautonomia. About two and half weeks later, it was literally like somebody "flipped a switch". He is playing, laughing, talking and eating non-stop! No vomiting, no shortness of breath and great endurance! :) We are thrilled to see this change and although it may be partially the result of the new medication, we are giving our almighty God all the credit for this. Many, many prayers have gone up for Lydon, especially over the last several months. We have held on to our faith and belief that God has great things planned for our beautiful boy and this seems like a small token that proves just that! A million thanks to those of you who have prayed and believed with us. Words cant explain the joy we felt this weekend... On a whim, we packed some bags and threw everybody in the car and headed to San Antonio. Sunday, we went to Sea World where everybody had a blast! But to us, it was priceless watching Lydon run, jump, ride rides, swim and eat pizza and ice cream right in between his brother and sister. I wish I had a picture to have captured every moment but I was too busy trying to keep up with him to carry the camera! ;)

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