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Monday, January 7, 2013

A quick little update

Just wanted to post a quick update about Lydon.  Over the last couple of weeks he has started having some increased GI/Abdominal pain.  We spoke with GI and at the time it was felt that his pain was just a result of his dysmotility and was to be expected to some extent since this is an issue that waxes and wanes over time. However, over the past several days, the pain has become much more consistent and more intense. He had a rough weekend with pain and even woke up during the night with pain.   It seems to be worse within minutes after he eats anything and then today he has complained even after just drinking his milk.  His appetite is definitely decreased as well. We have a call in to the GI doc to see what our plan. Please pray with us that can figure out what is making our boy so uncomfortable and that there will be something we can do to help him.

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