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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lydon turns 4!!

Yes this is a little late! We've been just a little bit busy! Hahahaha...... but better late than never!!

Oh my precious boy…It’s hard to believe that its been four years since we were blessed with your beautiful little face.  When I held you for the first time I instantly fell in love with you. I remember holding you and nursing you and wanting to breathe in your sweet baby breath and never forget how you felt laying on my chest. I knew that you were a fighter from the first breath you took.  You were so tiny and born too soon but nobody in the room or surrounding hallways would’ve known any different because you came out screaming! What I didn’t realize is just how strong you really were, nor did I have the slightest idea that in the process of being your Mommy that as I watched you physically grow and reach your milestones that I would be the one getting stronger. You’ve made me realize I had strengths that I didn’t know I had and gained some that I never possessed. I was a good Mom to your brother and your sister before you were born but I held on to a “Do It All” mindset. After I became your Mom, I realized that it wasn’t quite so important to always have a spotless house, keep up with every stitch of laundry, have healthy organic home-cooked meals fixed 99.9% of the time, be on time to every function with three perfectly dressed kids,  look perfect, act perfect, be perfect.  No, my angel boy, you made me realize that sometimes it’s more important to forget the laundry and sit in the rocking chair with you or take your sister to Starbucks at 9pm so that I can talk to her. I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned how to survive on mostly interrupted sleep and a lot less of it. I’ve learned how to stand up for what I believe in (especially when it comes to you or your brother or sister) when I use to be too worried about others opinions. I’ve learned to live in the moment and cherish that moment because sometimes it means being thankful for the very breath you breathe. And, I’ve gained faith in God Almighty like I never knew I could!   You are an awesome little man Lydon Jefferson.  I am so proud of you. You had your best year ever as a three year old. We made it through a whole year without an overnight hospital stay and that really is amazing just like you!

     You had such a great time with your Dora party at the park and you loved every minute of it. All of your biggest fans were there to cheer you on. Grandmommy, Paw-Paw, Poppy, Mimi, ‘Nandy’, ‘Dee’, Cole and of course, “your Saydee”!   You’ve adapted to having to wear your oxygen like such a little champ. How could I have expected any less?  You laughed, you ran, and you played without skipping a beat. Thank goodness Mommy thought to take your cannula off for you to blow out your candles! ;) The last four years have gone by so quickly but without a doubt they’ve been the best four years of our lives. We have all learned to smile through adversity, be thankful for the little things in life like chocolate cake and “wady bugs”, and to never ever give up!! Here’s to you my sweet Ly Ly…to four great years and many many more!

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