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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EEG and Sleep Study

I dont have any results yet but I thought Id post a couple of pics from Lydons EEG and sleep study. It was miserable for him. The sleep tech was very knowledgable and compassionate but that didnt change Lydon's mind about how irritated he was.
He hated all of the leads (more than 25). Like I said, I dont have any results but the machine kept going off while he slept( just blinking not buzzing) indicating his CO2 level was too high. Today, we saw the Immunologist, Dr. P. Love her btw, so tender and gentle. Lydon could sense her sweet spirit I guess because he let her hold him the whole time until she started to walk out of the room with him. ;) So, I mentioned the CO2 to her. It was her opinion that his CO2 level was a little on the high side so Im assuming that he is indeed having oxygen desaturations while he sleeps. Guess we will see what Dr. J (the pulmonologist and sleep specialist) has to say about it all on Monday.

Tomorrow, we meet with Genetics about some of our previous blood work that has come back. Not too sure what exactly we will hear but its all part of the process I guess. Say a prayer for us as we continue on this journey of finding out exactly what is behind all of Lydons problems and what we can do to help him feel the best and be the best that he can be.

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