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Friday, March 25, 2011

I shouldve known

So, the plan was to go to surgery today to replace Lydons tube. Well, guess What? That did not happen. When we talked to Gi,surgery,and the Anesthesia team today everybody was pretty concerned about Lydons high fever that we came in with. They all felt that the fever coupled with his airway issues were too big of an anesthesia risk. I was hoping that we may get lucky enough to convince them to do it tomorrow and let us go home because Lydon didn't have fever all day. But, wouldn't you know it,about 7 o clock tonight Ly spiked back up close to 102 and even an hour ago it was still sitting at 101 after Tylenol and cool rags laying on him. So plan B it was. We took out his GJ at the bedside this afternoon and replaced it with a plain g button. We are running continuous feeds since Lydon didn't want to eat at all today and we will do so slowly all weekend. Monday, we will go to the OR do an endoscopy to peek at everything an place a new GJ. Hopefully we will not have any anesthesia or airway issues and will be able to come home by Tues. So, we will spend yet another weekend in the hospital but that is the safest thing for Lydon so I won't complain. We were really blessed the last two days. My mom was off with Aidan and so Jono took off to be with us. It was really nice to have him here and not be alone this time. And thank goodness we've had some awesome nurses which is pretty much the norm here but you never know for sure how things will go. God is so good!!

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