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Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the hospital...

I know a lot of people are curious as to what happened and why we are here. This was obviously not a planned visit. Wednesday evening Lydon spiked high fever(103.4). I was concerned but I've learned not to panic or worry as quickly or as much as I use to. This is where the phrase "new normal" is inserted. So, I gave him motrin along with his other med and put him to bed. He slept fine until about five when he woke us up hysterically screaming and back to 103.4! So, I went thru the whole routine again but could only get it dowm to 102. He had no other symtpoms so I called our pedi and we were told to bring him in. Despite all our effort, he was at 104 and climbing when we arrived. They immediately put us into a room but it took hours before we were seen. He was beside himself mmiserable. They finally got labs xray etc done about two o clock. About four they came into the room and said that everything "looked fine" and we should take him home and come back if anything changed. That didn't sit too well with me. So they went out to call our pedi and take a second look at things and wouldn't you know it suddenly his xray looked very different! His J tube (the tube that is in his intestine) had completely twisted and coiled into his stomach. So that really started spinning things into a different direction. They started makin calls to the surgery team and trying to get a bed for us. We finally got into a room about 8 last night. We still aren't sure what to think about the fever and whether or not it is related but we are concerned about the potential for the tube to perforate his stomach since it was held in place with a wire. The plan is to go to surgery later today and hopefully have no respiratory issues and go home tonight or tomorrow. We had a really good appointment with Dr K regarding all of Lys results. I will post more about that later but for now he is sick and we will deal with this first. Keep us in your prayers.


  1. We love ya girl, glad Lydon has a momma like you to fight for him. Let me know what happens. I will be praying for him and you.

  2. Jana, I am so sorru to hear this. I am praying for you all and hope this surgery and his respatory issues go ok. We love you and I am so glad you are fighting for that sweet baby! Keep it up! He cant speak for himself and that is why you have to! Love you much!!!