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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh what a day!

I really had no intentions of updating today but I find myself sitting here needing a few minutes to unwind.  There really isnt much to update.  We arrived this morning at our scheduled appointment at 9 am.  We were brought back pretty promptly and shortly thereafter saw the first of three doctors.  Three and half hours later, our appointment was complete.  The appointment was long and intensive and suprisingly somewhat informative.  Most of what we talked about was "old news" to us but there were a few ideas for future testing and medication changes that were promising.  I will elaborate more on that tomorrow.  After the procedure, we hope to have more answers.  So after our appointment marathon, we walked over to the food court and grabbed some lunch.  We then proceeded to the anesthesia clinic.  After we consented to what seemed like everything under the sun and signed away all rights including the deed to our house, not quite but close enough, we were done! We rushed home in order to get medical records documenting Lydons clotting disorder scanned and emailed back to the anesthesia clinic before 5pm.  We made it with five minutes to spare! ;) It was decided early in the appointment today that its in everyones best interest to plan on admitting Lydon tomorrow afternoon in order to give his airway the extra time he may need to recover without distress. As I was scanning and emailing the medical records, my nurse started washing the beloved "night-nights" and packing the supplies we will need for the next two days.  At this point, we decided to run grab a bite of dinner. Lydon was past going since his nap today consisted of the 40 minute ride home. So we dropped him by Granmommys, ran to the closest restaurant, ran to pick up Aidan from Mimi's, ran to Wal-Mart for some much needed bare necessities because we've been lazily sitting around lately neglecting grocery shopping. (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.) Hollie was enjoying herself with her friends and cousin and didnt want to come home tonight which means that Aidan gets to stay with Granmommy tonight and Pawpaw tomorrow.  So after getting all the  necessities of which we forgot batteries and a nightlight,  we went to pick up Lydon and drop off Aidan. And would you believe it, Aidan wasn't one bit upset about spending the night at Granmommy's and Pawpaws. (Insert double eye roll! Once we got home, I gave Lydon his meds, and got him in bed.  I packed my bag for the hospital and took my bath.  We are suppose to arrive at the hospital in the morning at 8am. I will update tomorrow afternoon or evening depending on the events of the day.  Thank you for all the prayers and kind encouraging words we received today via text and Facebook. 

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