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Monday, March 18, 2013

What we know so far

Lydon had his procedure done as planned on Wed.  Everything went very smoothly.  His airway is much rounder and larger than it was last time.  He now has minimal narrowing which makes intubation much easier.  However, his airway was so wider than it use to be that they were actually able to do the procedure without intubating him at all!!  He did great!  They kept us in recovery for several hours as  a precaution but we were able to come home later that afternoon.  This may have been a first true outpatient procedure for us (except for once when he was an infant) but we will take it!! ;)  It was so nice to be able to come home and sleep in our own beds.  So, we received good news about his airway.  His stomach and small intestine looked very good as well.  The only significance was with his lungs.  His lower airways looked somewhat narrowed and red.  The pulmonologist was great!  We really liked him a lot.  He said that he will proceed with a full pulmonology work up including a CT scan and a stress test which will measure Lydon's endurance and exercise intolerance.  The doctors had their round table on Friday so we are just waiting to hear back from the PA. Hopefully we will get a call today with the culture results and what the treatment plan is going forward. The last couple of days have not been his best for sure.  He has complained with stomach pain and not felt like eating at all. I will update more after I hear back from the PA.

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