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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I feel like I should wrap up 2010 and welcome 2011. We had a rough year with many trials and challenges but we made it. We thank God for the many many blessings in the midst of it all. We never wanted for anything and all of our needs were met and often times above and beyond our expectations. Things snoballed out of hand quickly with Jonos health in July when he was suspected of having Meningitis but then became septic. He recovered and is doing incredibly well considering how sick he was over the summer. We had many problems which surfaced and escalated with Lydon but i think we have a good handle on it and have a great team of doctors and specialists looking out for him. Wednesday night, Lydon and I spent the night in a nursing facility . This was the last step in getting him approved for tbe MDCP program and/or Medicaid. It certainly wasn't my choice of places to be on my birthday but I couldn't have been happier to have completed this process in 2010. We should start 2011 with Medicaid which will include some nursing care aand additional help with Lydons therapies and medical expenses. We have a lot of testing we will be doing in January. Hopefully by Feb we will have the results from all of the bloodwork we did in Dec. I will continue to post Lydon updates. Hollie is doing great in her last year of middle school. She will earn two high school credits this year and so far has done it with all A's. August of 2011 will bring lots of changes to our house. Hollie will start high school and Aidan will start Kindergarten! So far now, we will look forward to 2011 even with its unknown variables for in it all, God is good.

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